A Writer’s Thanksgiving

Prompted by a friend’s blog this morning, I decided to share some of the things that I am specifically thankful for, especially as a writer:

I have the opportunity and the ability to read. I’m grateful that I’ve read as much as I have throughout my life. I was weaned on great literature and I’ll thank my parents for that.

I’m thankful for life experiences that have made me an insightful writer and (I hope) a better teacher.  Not all experiences were good, nor were all bad, but they have helped broaden my view of the world and myself. I have observed people and places, words and wonders, characters, careers, and creation. Throughout a varied professional life, one thing has remained constant: my writing.

The tools to write with: a word processor makes writing so convenient that there’s no excuse not to write. But there are other tools—like the ability to put words together into moving sentences—that no machine can imitate. I’m also thankful for a lined, yellow legal tablet and a smooth flowing pen. I won’t leave home without pen and paper… they’re almost more important than a cell phone, although not as helpful in an emergency, I’ll admit.

Time to write: There’s never enough, of course, but it’s important to me that between teaching and editing I’m always working on my own books. Each moment spent writing is precious.

I’m thankful for supportive writers’ groups, good editors, and other writers who continue to inspire me and provide examples of excellence in writing.

I enjoy what I do, tremendously—and I’m grateful for that.  Most of all, I’m thankful for my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Writers’ Table.