Fcused on Murder

Starting a new chapter in life, Julia Ballard embraces the career of her dreams as a nature photographer and hopes to find peace, solitude, and artistic fulfillment in the mountain wilderness of the West. Her children are grown, and she’s liberated from obligations to a family. Julia packs up her camera gear, and thus begins her adventure in an SUV accompanied only by her dog.

Freelance photography and writing for the magazine Natural Heritage has earned her an official staff position. Will hard work for their environmentalist group also help restore her eroded self-esteem, the consequence of a failed marriage and bitter divorce?

Julia’s hard-won peace is quickly disturbed when she stumbles upon clues connected to two mysterious deaths. Innocently, she and her cameras have captured more secrets. Tension builds, suspicions about the people she works for haunt her, and her wilderness adventure becomes a nightmare.

Follow the intrigue surrounding a nine-year-old, unsolved double-murder, experience a colorful story that transports the reader through the scenic beauty of the Colorado Rockies, and share the warm bond between Julia and her dog Maxie. Read more.

A Voyage for History
On a sentimental journey turned terrifying voyage, a determined group of veterans, all over seventy years old, come together, joined by one shared common cause: the rescue of a US Navy tank landing craft critical to the battles of World War II. Read more.

Publishing: A Survival Guide
In the 21st Century, publishing your book is just a point-and-click away….

This concise handbook provides guidance for writers navigating the often tricky journey to publication. In the United States alone there are over one thousand companies competing for the author’s money: your precious dollars should be spent where they will do the most good. Read more.

Hoarding Lies, Keeping Secrets
Your family has hidden its secrets well, for over two hundred years … are you prepared for its final horrors? As the house is emptied of a hoarder’s junk, its emotional weight increases. Jeanne imagines herself well-acquainted with her family’s history, but nothing can prepare her for these final discoveries. Read more.

Men with Black Briefcases
Is there a murderess in Scottsdale’s elite subdivision?

Join Mrs. Goto and her son Eddie, along with Mrs. Goto’s two lady friends, as they set out to solve the mystery of the woman across the street and her many visitors, all of them men with black briefcases. Read more.

Jody’s Story: A Christmas Legend
Christmas miracles keep on happening . . . sometimes in the strangest places. Read more.

Love at Hotel St-Jacques
“Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a man who loved a woman, forever…”

Thus begins a story set in today’s Paris, part real and part modern magic. Two lovers are united, at last, against odds that ordinary minds cannot understand. Is it real, is it imagined? Is this the end? Or is it only the beginning? Read more.

Last Night at the Claremont
Hidden behind the glamour and cachet of the Claremont Arms, New York City’s premier luxury hotel, are psychic forces at work? Questioning her own sanity and facing a series of mid-life crises, pianist and classical musician Renata DiMonte embarks upon a mystical journey of self-discovery when through music she enters the lives of her listeners. Read more.

Books in Progress

Out of Focus

Nature photographer Julia Ballard becomes a critical witness in a lengthy murder trial and faces new and shocking revelations about her employer, The Marshall Foundation. Meet crusty old Judge Robert B. Krueger, and decide whether the jury might be trying the wrong man, at least for some of the crimes. How many murders have actually been solved?

Tragedy threatens their family and her dog Maxie when Julia’s friend, veterinarian Steve Wagner, joins them at Christmas. Will worry and danger challenge their relationship and possibly threaten Julia’s career? Read more.

Another View
Short stories based on the author’s memoirs from World War II in France. First as individual short stories in eBook, then as a collection both in eBook and print. Starting with The Day of the General and Forgiven by a Horse. Read more.