Essay Published in Blue Guitar Literary Journal

It is a comforting thought that, in this era of financial cuts to anything resembling the arts in general and writing in particular, our State of Arizona actually has a Consortium for the Arts! Sure, it may not be the grand-scale financing that we all might wish for, but we do have support. That’s the great news.

 The Consortium is supported in part by the Arizona Commission for the Arts with funding from the State of Arizona and the National Endowment for the Arts. All of us who support our local PBS station and NPR should rejoice. We are part of that bigger picture too.

Like most of you, I may not always agree with what’s supported or, in some cases, printed, but I’m so thankful that there are still certain organizations and people in them who care.

 The Blue Guitar is the Arizona Consortium for the Arts on-line literary magazine. It is free and offered up to the public as a showcase for the various talents our State is proud to sponsor. To access the magazine, please go to their website, , where the current Fall Issue is available for your free downloading and reading pleasure.  

 The Blue Guitar offers a selection of art, poetry, and a variety of writing talents—all by people fromArizona, reflecting a wide range of ages, voices, and talents. Please help spread the word that the issue is now available for free downloading by letting your family, friends, students, classmates, co-workers, and colleagues know! We should be proud to live in a state where this kind of support is still available.

 By the way, one of my essays, Arizona Winter Sunrise, and one of my poems, A Barrio Christmas, are featured in this Fall Issue. (They’re on pages 13-15)

 Thank you so much. Enjoy and forward on if you wish.  Happy Reading!

 Michaele Lockhart