Myths, Legends, and Misunderstandings, Part 2

What follows over the next several blog posts is based on a compilation of queries I’ve received, usually away from my blog so as to guarantee anonymity (something which  I heartily respect). They’re problems people have shared with me while other parts of the post are based on personal experience. As much as I would like to, I will mention no specific names of publishers.  It’s just the ethical way to go.

I had my book e-formatted for $475. That must be a top-notch job—isn’t it? With what I paid for the service, it must be guaranteed high-quality.

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The Mythical Agent and The Book Tour

Agents exist, so that’s not the mythical part. The myth exists in the minds of writers, especially those who have written (or have almost written) a first novel, that as soon as they type the words “The End” an agent will swoop in like a magical fairy and—presto!—with a wave of a wand, that writer and his/her book will become famous.

Next, of course, your agent will arrange a booksigning tour for you….

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Standing Out from the Crowd

You’ve published a book, somehow. Maybe it’s been published by a Fee-for-Publisher, a traditional publisher or an Indie press, uploaded for e-readers alone, or truly self-published with LightningSource or CreateSpace.

 Now, you want to stand out from all those many thousands of others who have done exactly the same thing…. Or have they?  [Read more...]

Considering Your Decision to E-Publish, or E-books for the Write Reason

You’ve decided to step forth boldly into the era of digital publishing. Good for you!

Have you decided why? If you’ve been following the previous five posts in this series, you’ve already realized that instant success (of any kind) is rare. Writing and publishing your book have been the easiest parts of your journey.

The “M” word looms before you: marketing. Marketing and how you market hasn’t changed from the marketing required for your print book. However, now you’ve chosen to e-publish… or did e-publishing choose you?  [Read more...]

E-Publishing the Write Way

Just as there are “write ways” to publish indepedently (without the backing of the “Big Six”), there are several exceptionally good ways to e-publish; some are ever so wrong.  During the next two chats around The Writers’ Table, we’ll discuss some of them.

E-Publishing is here to stay. It’s not only here to stay, but it’s a rapidly growing market.  Half the world owns a Kindle. My friends brag that they have 400 titles uploaded on their Kindle e-book readers. (I haven’t asked which ones they’ve actually read, but that’s another topic!)     [Read more...]

Publishing the Write Way

Some more of the Write Stuff. Yes, Virginia, there are several reputable ways to publish your book “The Write Way.”

However, here’s one bit of advice that I share with my students and clients. If your main concern, as you work on your story each day, is simply getting it published, maybe you’re going about the whole matter wrong. Your first and only concern should be to write the best, most intriguing, most original, and finely written story with the best characters ever.

There are many good ways to publish that will not cost you thousands of dollars. Here’s a little secret: [Read more...]